Why choose Evaneos?

Modified on: 2020-01-13

By choosing Evaneos, you are safe knowing that you are being connected with a local agency that has been selected based on a strict level of criteria, including quality and professionalism in the industry, from Evaneos' own in-house sourcing team. As an extra bonus, the selected local agents are not only experts of their destination, they are also all English-speakers.

You will have the freedom to customize your entire trip with your local agent (itinerary, activities, guides, accommodation), where it is the local agent's job to create the perfect itinerary to satisfy your wishes. By booking via Evaneos, you will also receive a direct quote from the agent, without an intermediate fee, and will therefore save on the price of your trip.

With Evaneos, you can rely on us as your trusted third-party providing you with the following
guarantees to make sure that you can plan, pay, and travel safely and protected.

With a community of 1,000,000 members, 2,000 partner agencies in 160 destinations, and over 500,000 people that have travel with Evaneos since 2009, with a traveller’s satisfaction rate of 96%, you can rest assured that you are in good hands!


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