Who do I contact during my trip if I have an issue?

Modified on: 2019-04-03

If there is anything that you are unhappy with or If you experience any problems during your trip, we would urge you to contact your local agent immediately via your Evaneos Account, or by phone, to the number that they gave you before your trip. Your local agent is there to provide 24 hour on-site assistance for you once you are in the destination, and will do their absolute best to resolve any issue for you. 

You can also contact our Evaneos traveller support through our contact form here.

If you have subscribed to insurance via Chapka Insurance, please contact the Chapka Customer Care Team directly on +44 20 3808 7722 for any questions regarding your insurance options.  We recommend for you to have your insurance I.D ready before contacting them. Please also inform them that you are travelling via Evaneos in order for them to advise you depending on our insurance options.


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