How is Evaneos remunerated?

Modified on: 2019-04-02

Apart from bringing more travelers to our agents, Evaneos provides marketing, tools, and in-depth training to each of the agents. We, in exchange, receive a small commission from our agents' sales. This does not have any impact on the overall price of a trip and you will be quoted an amount as if you were booking directly with the agent. (All of our local agencies are obliged to offer direct rates.)

In fact, by booking via Evaneos, we guarantee that you are purchasing your trip directly from a local travel agency, without paying the price of an intermediary. The price of your trip will therefore be inferior to that which you’d get via a traditional tour operator.

Booking via the Evaneos platform also means being secure in the knowledge that our local agencies underwent a rigorous selection process. Booking a trip abroad isn’t an easy task, and our selection of agents guarantee premium services without the premium price tag.

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