What financial protection do I have?

Modified on: 2019-04-12

Evaneos has a secure payment platform, available only to our agents and Evaneos, allowing local agencies to create and send you a secure payment link, with currency options of paying in GBP/EURO/USD/CAD; As a result of this, you will not have to pay an exchange rate fee and will pay the exact amount shown on the payment link.

(Please note: Where as we cover currency exchange rate fees for you, we cannot control any bank charges that may incur depending on your bank with regards to international payments. Please contact your bank before payment if you are worried about this.)

Using this payment link, you can pay for your trip by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. If you would like to pay by wire transfer, just let your agent know and they will send you the necessary details. Evaneos also has a financial agreement with Atradius to protect and insure all our travelers’ payments.

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